Signs and symptoms

Accidental overdose with enoxaparin sodium after IV, extracorporeal or SC administration may lead to haemorrhagic complications. Following oral administration of even large doses, it is unlikely that enoxaparin sodium will be absorbed.


The anticoagulant effects can be largely neutralized by the slow IV injection of protamine. The dose of protamine depends on the dose of enoxaparin sodium injected; 1 mg protamine neutralizes the anticoagulant effect of 100 IU (1 mg) of enoxaparin sodium, if enoxaparin sodium was administered in the previous 8 hours.

  • An infusion of 0.5 mg protamine per 100 IU (1 mg) of enoxaparin sodium may be administered if enoxaparin sodium was administered greater than 8 hours previous to the protamine administration, or if it has been determined that a second dose of protamine is required.
  • After 12 hours of the enoxaparin sodium injection, protamine administration may not be required. However, even with high doses of protamine, the anti-Xa activity of enoxaparin sodium is never completely neutralized (maximum about 60%) (see the prescribing information for protamine salts).